1972 Commonwealth of the Bahamas 22k Gold Proof Coin Set (1.69oz AGW)

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Bahamas Gold Coin Proof Set

Containing: 4 Gold Proof Coins in Original Sealed Packaging with Plush Mint Issued Presentation Case.

$100 Crowned Sailing Ship Shield Coin

Gross Weight: 31.95g  –  Fine Weight: 29.29g  – Diameter: 36mm  – 0.9419oz AGW

$50 Santa Maria Coin 

Gross Weight: 15.971g  –  Fine Weight: 14.64g  – Diameter: 28mm  – 0.4708oz AGW

$20 Lighthouse Coin

Gross Weight: 6.48g  –  Fine Weight: 5.94g  – Diameter: 21.5mm  – 0.1910oz AGW

$10 Fortress Coin

Gross Weight: 3.2g  –  Fine Weight: 2.93  – Diameter: 19.4mm  – 0.0942oz AGW


Total Gross Weight: 57.6g

Total Fine Weight: 52.8g  or 1.69 oz AGW

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