1973 Franklin Mint Limited, First Edition Proof Set of Norman Rockwell’s Fondest Memories .925

This first edition 1973 set features 10 works of art from the famous Norman Rockwell that were created exclusively for this collection of sterling silver ingots.

The first edition sets, like this one, were only offered to Franklin Mint members and are the only proof-like quality, hallmarked and serial numbered sets made, giving this set a very special collector value, to any Franklin Mint collector or Norman Rockwel collector. 


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Each one of the ten ingots is guaranteed to contain 1500 grains of sterling silver, and each ingot depicts a different one of Norman Rockwell’s favorite memories.

The set contains 28.9 troy ounces of pure silver, and weighs a total of 31.25 ounces.

All ingots and case are in excellent condition. Set comes with all paperwork shown including original order form !

Please use pictures as best description of item and its condition.

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