100 oz Silver Bullion .999 *Secondary/Our Choice*

BUY BACK PRICE: 3920 CAD 100 oz

Ohio Precious Metals silver bullion. Ohio Precious Metals is committed to providing high-quality gold and silver products. Based in Jackson, Ohio, OPM has been in the precious metals industry since 1974. All their products meet the ASTM B562-95 and ASTM B413-97a standards for purity. Additionally, OPM is a certified Responsible Source Refinery and offer Conflict-Free and Responsibly-Sourced products. OPM has achieved good delivery status with Comex.

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The 100 oz OPM silver bar is machine-pressed, not hand-poured. This simple fact gives the bar its precise corners and edges. The front side of this silver bar features the OPM mintmark and name, the .999 purity, and the 100 oz weight. The front side of the bar also features a “USA” marking as to certify that the bar was produced in the US. OPM has been a trusted precious metals refinery since 1974.

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